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Clayface from Batman New 52

Here's the final renders on Clayface, made for an animation of the Batman New 52 comic, I'm one of the Character Leads and this is just one of the many characters we will be posing and rigging for the animation, very excited to be part of this project with so many talented and inspiring artists. You can follow me on facebook at
Started with the Highpoly mesh in Zbrush, lowpoly and uvs in 3dsMax, texturing in Substance Painter and Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag. Whole process from start to finish took me a week, which is my personal benchmark. You can watch the whole process on youtube .

Hope you enjoy and make sure to check out for updates on the project.

Djinn androsgyne cl 006
Djinn androsgyne cl 001
Djinn androsgyne cl 003

Batman New 52: Clayface Part 01
Batman New 52: Clayface Part 01 you can watch the rest on youtube at

Djinn androsgyne cl 004
Djinn androsgyne cl 005
Djinn androsgyne cl 002
Djinn androsgyne cl txs

Textures done in Substance Painter

Djinn androsgyne cl zbrush grab

Zbrush Screen-grab